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Valuable Antiques & Cherished Collectibles

At Ephemeritor you will discover a unique inventory of antiques and collectibles featuring a wide-range of Super-Heroes from Superman, Green Lantern and Atom to Batman; Sport-Heroes like baseball legend Rogers Hornsby and basketball’s Michael Jordan; iconic, vintage and contemporary film posters: 1934s – “The Count of Monte Cristo”; 1966s – “Fantastic Voyage”; 2002s – “Spirited Away” or 1969s – Captain Nemo and the Underwater City and many, many more! 

Classic literature's peaceful prose and epic stories are represented with over 600 rare books and manuscripts to choose from.  Ephemeritor also offers a tremendous collection of Japanese and Far Eastern art and cultural antiques with a wide selection of Nihonto (Japanese Swords) and Ninjitsu weapons.  

Blast from the Past:  We welcome the discerning connoisseur and the avid collector of memories past to peek through our anthropological window into the customs and social rituals of times gone-bye.   Each item in our inventory is a time machine whisking you wherever your imagination allows. Please explore and enjoy your stay with us.